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2 years warranty

About us

SC RAAL VEST SA Timisoara, is a company with private capital that was issued in 1997. Its main goal is to intensify sales of aluminum heat exchangers, at first in the west region of Romania and than to extend across the whole country.

SC RAAL VEST SA is a dynamic company with fast evolution and its view on the future is to become national player in the market of cooling system producers, also perceived as a valuable and trustful partner.

In 1998, by acquisition of technology and machinery for welding in special environment with argon, we started to produce in Timisoara complete heat exchangers. That activity has grown up by acquisition of machinery for cold and cutting deformation.

At the present moment, in Timisoara, we produce a various type of products, especially water radiators for trucks, tractors, cars, off roads cars, locomotive and other types of radiators:

  • radiators of WATER - AIR
  • radiators of OIL - AIR
  • radiators of OIL – Water
  • radiators of AIR - AIR

An important segment of our activities is represented by products executed like PROTOTYPE, covering so, the auto parts market for cars and industrial machinery produced in other countries.

Our engineering team from is permanently involved in a multitude of projects with the following targets:

  • developing new cooling systems, new cooling packages and individual heat exchangers
  • developing new geometries of fins and turbulators with higher performances, as well as new machines dedic ated to manufacture these kind of fins
  • developing new products with high mechanical strength in order to operate in high pressure and temperatures conditions
  • developing of brazing furnaces and improvement of the brazing technologies
  • finding new solutions and technologies together with our main suppliers in order to extend the lifetime of the products, improving the corrosion resistance (salty environments , exhaust gases), in order to reduce the material and power consumptions as well as the emissions reduction

The capabilities of RAAL VEST testing center include:

  • testing the thermal and fluid-dynamic characteristics in a wind tunnel
  • testing the structural characteristics: burst pressure, cycle pressure, thermal cycle, vibrations and shocks performed at environmental temperature or at high temperatures in the environmental chamber
  • internal cleanliness testing
  • chemical and accelerated corrosion tests
  • metallographic analysis

Testing and cecking of our products are made at:

  • Stanch, stench at pression
    • RAAL VEST SA, Timisoara
  • Heat exchange, lose of pression
    • SC MASTER SA, Bucuresti
    • IP TRAIAN VUIA, Timisoara
  • vibration, sock, salt fog
    • ICPE, Bucuresti

2 YEARS WARRANTY for all the products, in condition of Guaranty Certificate.